alle 17:25, 7 set 2013

_userRoverandom ha detto:

Hello Chris, today I discovered by accident wikiHow, a good wiki platform that I think has great potential, although it's still in a development phase still weak - I guess due to the lack of contributors. In these years I have worked continuously to Wikipedia (also in other languages ​​than English), but later I moved away from the project because I disagree with certain choices. I believe that wikiHow is a great way to return to give my contribution to a wiki project. To make myself useful to 100%, however, I should have the functions of administrator (which I have already had the opportunity to experience in other wikis, so I know how the mechanism works ;-) ). Do you think, as a bureaucrat, you can assign me it? If not, don't worry: I understand very well and is definitely not a problem. Moreover, I am officially a rookie and I have yet to prove that he deserves the "ranks". But I hope that you will want to assume good faith. Greetings.